Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fire Flood Earthquake Fascists

Disaster seems likely to miss us today, the lemon yellow sky of yesterday is an ordinary gray, but the air still reeks of burning. And sorrow. In the shadows things are deep orange. In the open everything looks sort of normal, but where the light shines through the forest there’s a shocking glare of reflected flames from several miles away. Yesterday we had the get-out-of-Dodge backpacks, one for people and one for the animals, ready. Our neighbor pulled out their old mobile home caravan, parked it in front of our house for a bunch of us with animals to evacuate.
Gave Andrew the keys. Hahahahaaaa. Oh dear. 
Not everyone in the hood has a go-bag. I spoke to one elegant couple early yesterday who were watching the news in horror. I said: You needa make a bag up if you hafta evacuate. They said: Oh.My.Gawd. What do we pack?!
I looked around their lovely art-filled home and said: WATER, FOOD, CASH. ID. CHANGE OF CLOTHES, SHAMPOO. Oh yeah – coffee with a drip filter and chocolate.
It was the chocolate that motivated them to put a couple small bags together. Hey, whatever works.
ATTENTION FRIENDS Put a fuckin Time-to-Blow-Dodge-City bag together, keep it handy for the inevitable next time {earthquake fire flood fascists}. Make a plan for some anywhere-to-go; think about what you’ll do there, what you’ll need there. And hope beyond any hope there will be something to return to.
This fascist regime is fucking our lives up—it will not get better for a generation. We must survive and thrive in spite of the oppressors.
First – to survive. A short list: CASH. IDs, social sec card, credit card, eyeglass prescriptions. Write down contact phone numbers, cell phone, any insurance info, medical plan account numbers, food stamps, whatever.
Pack WATER (also water purifier tabs or water-straw), FOOD for people & animals, flashlights, matches/lighter, change of clothes, toothbrush/paste, liquid soap & shampoo. Quick cooking oatmeal, tea bags, instant coffee. Chocolate, ground coffee&drip filter. Cigarettes. Pot. Whatever will ease your heart.
MEDICAL SUPPLIES for people and animals: masks (halloween! or dust masks), pain pills, vitamin pills, happy pills, prescription pills [with prescribing info on the bottle], bandaids, Neosporin, bacitracin, cortisone ointment, saline solution, packets of clean-wipes, Benadryl, Rescue Remedy, blood-sponges/sterile pads, hydrogen peroxide, coban compression wrap. Nitrile gloves. Calendula oil (anti-bacterial), lavender oil (soothing), a head of garlic (besides vampire protection, it’s grand flavor, and antibiotic).
BASIC PET SUPPLIES: carriers, leashes, bowls. Large zip lock bags ready for as much animal food as you can carry – it gets lighter every day, you know.
Emergency tent/blanket, sleeping pad; sewing kit w/scissors. Work gloves, warm gloves, rain ponchos. P38 can opener. Safety pins. Vaseline (not merely protection but a fire-starter). Working flashlights. Glow sticks. Paracord (Samwise said: you can always use a bit of rope), bungie cord, carabiners. 
Have large zip lock bags ready for last minute supplies of rice, beans, lentils. Already have smaller ziplocks set up, one with savory herbs and one with cinnamon & brown sugar. A ziplock with salt. Tiny camp stove (alcohol burner, piezo, sterno) & small lidded pot. Spoons, sporks, compact bowls, survival/camp knife.
Charge cell phones, Kindles, I-pads etc. Bring the damn charger cords along. Camera? Invest in a battery or solar charger for all these?
Playing cards, tarot cards, dominos. Prepare a DnD campaign. Reveal the Wonderfilled Sekret Truth about Something Sekret & Fabulous. Learn some songs and poems. Know at least one song & the steps for the Dabke line dance.
You can get yet more butch with a bivvy, a good tent, fishin gear. Or learn to set snares, use a bow. MREs are bloody heavy but it’s something to consider. A bush saw or camp axe? Battery powered radio. Walkie-Talkies. A jerry can for water and a trekking filtration system (none of them will clear saltwater). Consider simply carrying a cheap brita filter.
The rough time is going to start when the fires are out: whole neighborhoods and forests are gone. Maybe trump will throw us some paper towels.

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