Wednesday, May 3, 2017

GHOST STORIES! Andrew's book is available YAY

Andrew's book A GHOST OF A CHANCE is available at Amazon -
kindle $2.99 and paperback $11.99.

BUY IT! GIVE IT FIVE STARS REVIEW! it really helps alot
and it makes us feel better about the whole publish-yer-book thing.

Here's what Andrew says about his book:
We’re all born with some amount of luck. Once you’ve used it up, you better have a grasp on how the world works or you might as well be dead.

Except if you’re a ghost whore like Anthony. With the ability to see ghosts it didn’t take long for him to figure out that the spectral kind are no more than astral luck, feeding off the emotions of the living. With a little motel room romp or back alley action, Anthony gets them ghosts to give up their mind exploding wad of chance. Easy-peasy. 

Biggest problem with luck is it cannot directly influence the living, leaving Anthony with many acquaintances but few friends and no warm body to love.

Still he has himself the good life. His homes are the high roller suites in Vegas and the beaches of San Diego. His pleasures are his daily rituals and winning just enough to pay for his fashions, style and a nice night under the city lights. If only he could find a nice man his mother, Yema, would approve of.

When Anthony witnesses the murder of Victor Christian, a guy who hit on Anthony during a game of blackjack everything changed. One of Anthony’s acquaintances, Tickler (a down and out ghost seer), is implicated as an accomplice to the crime. 

Not used to counting on others Anthony wants to live his life his way but finds himself mixed up in the fates of both the dead and the living; from a magician to Christmas mayhem to the blues. With unexplainable guilt (most likely influenced by Yema), Anthony does what he can to help Tickler and hires Georgia Peach Garland, the eccentric legal savant. 

But it takes Anthony’s realization that his friends are more than just people to use and pass through his life like the ghosts he whores himself to. He will need all their help from his favorite roulette dealer to his informant of loose paying slots, to help Tickler and find Victor Christian’s murderer.

Why won’t these stupid ghosts just spill their luck and leave Anthony alone? 

cool reviews:
Good,Wow. Noir. Ghost noir. Good noir. I'm not a noir aficionado but I was almost raised on it. This is really original. A bunch of fun twists, and a twisted sense of humor comes in handy.

Best ghost story ever. This page turner set amongst the slots of Las Vegas and driven by luck.. And there is plenty of luck, but only one man knows how to claim it for his own.

and I say: It's so much fun! Buy it! Do it for the ghosts.

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