Saturday, April 15, 2017

taxes. bah.

bah taxes. the government is all fuckholes.
there's a tax protest today. meh.
well comrade i'm staying right here in the woods. 
i'm not a dedicated-body-to-show-up-and-be-counted kinda anarchist:
 -- are there gonna be snacks? nooooooo
 -- dancing grrls?  noooooooooo
 -- groovey bands? hey not even the oompah band? no?
 -- will there be a lotta Important People talking on the stage about shit we already know? yes yes oh boy!
um. no.

i gots this sign. in front of our lot where people can see it.
 the arabic is said: La yuhimm ayn ant min nahn su’ayda/su’ida kunt jarnah

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